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It is accepted wisdom in certain circles not to apply new software until the first service pack comes out, the reasoning being other people can find the bugs before you. If you hold to that, good news, Sage announced version 6.0 of its popular MicrOpay Meridian payroll product, only to rush service packs 1, 2 and 3 out the door within a short flurry of weeks due to a continuing spiral of faults putting employee end of year payment summaries in jeopardy.

Wakefield Council has extended its partnership with MidlandHR to take advantage of iTrent - the all in one web solution for talent management, workforce planning, HR and payroll.

Wandsworth Council is replacing its separate Human Resources and Payroll IT systems with iTrent, the single, integrated solution for HR, payroll, talent management and workforce planning. The integrated solution will bring significant efficiency gains.



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