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Monday, 16 September 2013 16:07

Turnbull confirmed as Minister

As expected, the Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP will be Australia’s next Minister for Communications. No mention of ‘broadband and digital economy’.

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Wednesday, 08 May 2013 17:09

How long's a piece of copper?

The answer to that question is important. The bandwidth that the Coalition will be able to deliver to customers over its proposed fibre to the node network is highly dependent on the length of copper from the node to the customer, but neither it nor anybody outside Telstra seems to know what the average distance from nodes in the current network is.

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Release of the latest broadband uptake statistics from the OECD showing Australia going backwards in terms of per capita penetration of fixed broadband services has given Liberal MP Paul Fletcher an opportunity to slag off Stephen Conroy, but what neither of them have mentioned is that, with over 16 million wireless broadband subscribers, Australia ranks eighth worldwide at 74.1 percent penetration.

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