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Paul Fletcher, former Optus executive turned Liberal technology spokesman, has slammed what he calls the Rudd/Gillard NBN project as extremely high risk and a failure to learn well known lessons from previous telecoms experiences. However, he assured his audience at the KickStart conference today that a coalition government would not rip up existing fibre.

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Is the Coalition getting desperate to find ways to attack the NBN? The latest assaults from its chief protagonists Malcolm Turnbull and Paul Fletcher certainly suggest this to be the case.

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A war of words has broken out between former Optus executive turned Liberal MP Paul Fletcher and NBN Co over the average salaries paid to NBN Co staff. Mr Fletcher has described NBN Co as a "Millionaires Factory" with staff getting paid an average of more than $220,000 during 2010/2011. NBN Co claims Mr Fletcher has got his sums wrong and in effect ignored certain facts.

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