Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been criticised for not embracing what one analyst calls a ‘truly future-proof’ NBN and failing to mention the broadband network in his innovation policy announcement to kick-start innovation and new startups in the ICT industry.

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Thursday, 24 September 2015 09:40

We shouldn’t stop at already out of date MTM

COMMENT: With the Communication Minister, now the Prime Minister, there are high expectations regarding a more future focused policy where ICT will play a key role. The Prime Minister is talking about hi-tech companies and a transformation of the economy and the NBN should be a pivotal element of this new policy. With that in mind let’s look at where the NBN is at this moment.

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COMMENT: Just before he became Prime Minister I had a telephone discussion with the then Minister for Communication, Malcolm Turnbull, regarding an article I wrote in which I expressed my disappointment about various issues around the NBN.

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