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Saturday, 14 June 2008 10:41

Telstra vs Optus: iPhone 3G, revenues and you

Telstra’s legal letter to Optus shows that Telstra hates losing, and until Telstra announces it has the iPhone 3G too, it’s the big loser in the iPhone 3G stakes. What are the facts on coverage issues?

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Exclusive: Telstra has seriously questioned Optus statements over its 900MHz 3G network, saying it is “concerned that Optus may represent to customers that they can enjoy a range of 3G features and services... [but that those] features and services will not be available if the 3G device is incompatible with Optus’ 3G 900 Mhz network”. Although Telstra didn’t mention the iPhone 3G, the timing coincides with recent comments from Optus CEO Paul Sullivan.

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Analyst firm IDC has crunched the numbers and not only predicts relatively big sales of the iPhone down under, but says that by 2012, 50% of mobile devices that ship in Australia will be “converged devices”. Nokia remains top dog today, but will the iPhone prediction be music to Apple’s 3G-upgraded iPod enhanced ears?

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