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People Telecom, which as relied on reselling Optus for the mobile services component of its portfolio for the past six years, will switch to taking its Optus services through Optus wholesaler, M2 Telecommunications in preparation for offering services from other carriers.

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The news that Sol Trujillo will shortly announce that Telstra will sell the iPhone 3G makes us wonder where this announcement will happen. We’re also wondering if its iPhone will work at 7.2mbps speeds. I think I’ve figured it out!

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A newspaper report has suggested Telstra will definitely sell the iPhone come July 22, 11 days after Apple, Vodafone and Optus start retail sales. Although the report only quotes “sources” with an official Telstra spokesperson saying that “nothing’s changed”, the cat seems to be well and truly out of the bag – and it’s holding a Telstra 3G iPhone!

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