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Vodafone is proactively slicing the price of international mobile roaming charges, which consumer or business travellers overseas on the Vodafone network will surely love, with a special deal for China during August and the Olympics. It looks very impressive and I can’t seem to find any hidden catches, despite trying!!

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Friday, 25 July 2008 16:20

Time for an Aussie mobile data revolution?

The cost of mobile data in Australia is all over the place – some carriers sell it cheap, others sell it at sky high prices, and effectively the same data transfers but on different devices from the same companies can be charged at different rates. When will data pricing ever get realistic?

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In a previous article I looked at the new Optus ‘yes’ Timeless plans, looked at the then “Optus Mobile Fair Go Policy” and deduced there were timed limits, but Optus has now belatedly updated its Policy and says there are no limits - for consumers. What has an Optus spokesperson specifically told me?

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