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Monday, 08 September 2008 15:39

10 reasons to stick with Vista and forget Linux

Windows Vista is in the news again, thanks to the incomprehensible start to the new campaign featuring Gates and Seinfeld, but also because of the growing threat to Windows Vista posed by different flavours of Linux, XP and Mac OS X. But none of those things stop Vista from being Microsoft’s best OS yet.

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Wednesday, 03 September 2008 15:14

Anatomy of a modest web site - lessons for all

If you're the owner of a web site, or interested in web site design or maintenance or traffic analysis, here's a pictorial snapshot that shows some things to look for. Included are some current trends, including the state of the Browser Wars just as the upstart Google Chrome browser appears.

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What should you do to protect yourself, your computer, your online accounts and your digital self from being hacked? As with all protective measures, there’s no one single “magic bullet” solution, but instead, layers of protective technologies and practices that you need to employ to thwart the “bad guys” on multiple levels. Please read on.

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