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In IT, certification is a big deal. Try as professional societies like the ACM and ACS might, there’s no universal qualification – like the accountant’s CPA – that states you are recognised as competent and capable. This is where vendor certifications fill a gap.

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Saturday, 07 July 2007 05:15

Microsoft's latest: blame Oprah Winfrey

I live in the state of Victoria in Australia. On this day, the 7th day of the 7th month in the year of our Lord 2007, I hereby declare that I am not bound by the traffic laws of Victoria and that I can drive my car at any speed I choose.
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Sunday, 01 July 2007 06:50

In praise of the GPLv3

These days, Richard Matthew Stallman, the enigmatic founder of the Free Software Foundation, isn't exactly flavour of the month.

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