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Sunday, 17 February 2008 07:31

Misadventures in a Telstra retail store

What is it with phone stores these days? The phone is the digital device we all use the most, far more than we ever use our cars, yet Telstra’s latest and greatest, the HTC Touch Dual 850, a phone that costs hundreds of dollars, still isn’t available for customers to actually TEST OUT before buying, with retail staff saying ‘we can’t open the box’. Um... hello?

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Every now and then there’s some good Telstra news that doesn’t involve ADSL2+, the ACCC or fibre networks, with BigPond launching a site for anyone to follow the bid by the first-ever mother and daughter team to conquer Mount Everest.

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Tuesday, 05 February 2008 09:55

Conroy seeks input on CDMA closure

Communications minister, Stephen Conroy, has written to a number of industry organisations inviting them to a meeting to discuss the impending closure of Telstra's CDMA network.
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