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For every person who has said, "Let's network these two computers" there are many more asking "Why is the network running so slow?" Yet, the ethereal nature of Ethernet has long made computer networks hard to decipher and many a business or home user has longed to peek into the data stream to see just what is going on. You could pay tens of thousands of dollars for the answer - but we'll do it using freely available tools for Linux.
Published in The Linux Distillery

Tired of that old .com or .org web address you’ve been using for years? Fear not - you’ll soon be able to have any top-level domain you like ... for a price.

Published in Networking
Upgrading broadband network infrastructure is fraught with problems: surface disruption to traffic, huge cost implications and ever lengthening time scales. The answer, it seems, could be to deliver the Internet using city sewer systems.




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