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NICTA spin-off Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs) has released a version of its microkernel mobile operating system that, it says, will enable devices to run mission-critical applications with guaranteed and mathematically proven security in parallel with the device's normal insecure applications.

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Friday, 10 December 2010 15:22

Microsoft puts science in the cloud


Following similar programs in the US, the EU and Japan, Microsoft has announced partnerships with three of Australia's top research organisations as part of the company's Global Cloud Research Engagement Initiative that they launched earlier this year. Representatives from National ICT Australia, The Australian National University and CSIRO have received grants from Microsoft that will provide scientific researchers across the continent with access to advanced client plus cloud computing resources and technical support.

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The Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation, a joint initiative between the NSW Government, CSIRO and NICTA has opened in Marsfield, Sydney.

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