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Monday, 08 January 2007 22:00

Comet McNaught likely to outshine planet Venus

Cometary experts have calculated that the orbit of Comet McNaught should come as near as 15.8 million miles (25.4 million kilometers) from the Sun (what is called perihelion) on January 12, 2007. Thus, its brightness should peak on that date. At that time, it could be tens of times brighter than the planet Venus.
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Sunday, 07 January 2007 22:13

Google to map the galaxy with giant telescope

The world is not enough for Google, with the search engine behemoth teaming with astronomers to build one of the world's most powerful telescopes in order to map the Milky Way.


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We aren’t going back to the Moon without first practicing with simulated lunar soil and rocks here on the Earth. NASA needs it to simulate digging, driving, building, and for many other necessary activities while exploring the Moon and setting up a Moon base. Unfortunately, NASA is out of it.

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