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Saturday, 23 April 2011 09:24

Telstra Tough 2 cellphone not such a toughie

Telstra has launched a new ruggedised phone for tradespeople, making much of robustness, but in that department it falls short of the Motorola Defy, released by Telstra late last year.

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Optus might have no hope of generating the same kind of hoopla that Motorola and Telstra managed with their 'summer-proof' Oprah in Australia Moto Defy campaign, but it does have the toughest Android phone in the Aussie market on its books at last after Telstra's exclusivity period has finally run out.

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Australia's biggest telco, Telstra, is providing full telco support to the world's biggest chat-show TV star, Oprah Winfrey, ensuring her team is equipped with Telstra's most ultimate of Next G modems and her live audience is equipped with Next G sim-cards in their summer-proof Motorola Defy Android smartphones.

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