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For 30 years, no matter where your Internet data was headed the chances are that it made a bypass through the fat pipes and quick switches of the USA in order to get there. Now fears over the World Police spying on that traffic have prompted many countries to start routing around, rather than through, the United States...

Published in Networking
British citizen Gary McKinnon is either a master hacker who perpetrated the biggest US military computer hack of all time or a bumbling nerd obsessed with aliens. Whatever, the Americans want to throw him in jail and throw away the key. The European Court of Human Rights says they cannot have him, at least until the end of the month...

Published in Home Tech
A team of Massachusetts Institute of Technology engineers and scientists studied the scales of the dinosaur eel as a possible model for future structural materials. U.S. military officials are interested in the investigation of the fish for futuristic armor for the protection of its soldiers.

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