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Forget fear, uncertainty and doubt. How do Windows Vista and Linux really compare against each other? It’s one thing to talk about the familiar applications available to Windows users contrasted with the rich suite of free open source apps for Linux, but something totally different to actually compare the loads of the two operating systems as they perform functionally identical tasks.
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Microsoft has warned of a newly discovered vulnerability in Microsoft Office Word 2002 Service Pack 3 that is being used in targeted attacks which could corrupt memory and take control of the victim's computer. The zero day attack follows a familiar pattern of exploits coinciding with Patch Tuesday to maximise the window between discovery and the availability of a fix.

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Tuesday, 08 July 2008 07:35

Mac OS X updates - stuff happens sometimes

My experience with Mac OS X updates has been generally positive, with the exception of 10.2.8 which caused a major graphics problem with the 'Lombard' PowerBook G3. But updating to 10.5.4 didn't go quite as smoothly as I've become accustomed.

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