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Monday, 01 September 2008 04:16

Frontline solves Excel 2008's Solver shortfall

Mac spreadsheet jockeys: the wait for an Excel 2008-compatible version of Solver is over. Developer Frontline Systems is offering a free download of the popular spreadsheet add-on for Office 2008 users.

Monday, 18 August 2008 06:52

Star Wars: The Force Unleased demo dated

Yep it looks good, and now the demo for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has a release date
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I assisted a company today with a spectacular Microsoft Office SharePoint Services (MOSS) crash. The experience showed some folly in the oft-claimed mantra that Windows-based applications are graphical and friendly. In fact, here’s a free Linux-friendly open source package called Afresco which makes a better SharePoint than SharePoint.
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