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Friday, 05 December 2008 03:49

Women prefer deeper voices in their men

A U.S.-Canadian study shows that deeper voices in men show dominance and good genetics to women. However, breast-feeding women like higher pitched voices in men. Can you guess what type of voices men liked in their women?

Published in Biology
Thursday, 13 November 2008 22:28

Skinny belly dancers should live long lives

A European study has found that the circumference of one’s waist increases a person’s risk of premature death. In other words, the people with the biggest bellies have the biggest chance of not making it to their next meal.

Published in Health
Friday, 07 November 2008 20:10

Hand in the verdict: Women have dirtier palms

A University of Colorado study has found that the palms of women’s hands are germier than the palms of men’s hands. The average female palm had about 150 different species of bacteria on it, much more than previously estimated by scientistst. Oh, gross!

Published in Health




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