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The latest security update for Mac OS X can be seen as an indication of just how many people have fallen victim to the MacDefender malware.

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Evil malware writers have tweaked the MacDefender Trojan to no longer need a password for installation if a Mac user is running the default administrator account, finally popping the bubble of invulnerability Mac users have enjoyed and MacDailyNews savaged me over a few years ago.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011 18:51

Malware/pornware attack targets Apple's Mac

Similar to the RogueAV malware on PCs that falsely informs end-users that their computers are infected with all manner of nasties, MacDefender claims to be security software that is instead attempting to extort a payment from you to clear the fake infections and to stop a slew of filthy porn pop-ups polluting the screens of 'infected Mac users.

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