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In January this year, the news broke that an assistant Professor and his team at Stanford University had invented a revolutionary battery technology capable of holding ten times the energy of existing Lithium Ion batteries. Now the Professor's ongoing research is being funded to the tune of $10 million by a startup university in Saudi Arabia and conspiracy theories are flowing as thickly as oil.

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The electric vehicle (EV) project by Shai Agassi, now underway in Israel, will see electric cars on sale from next year, matched by an infrastructure of charging stations that will replace flat batteries with charged ones. Now Denmark has signed up to the plan, aiming to charge the batteries with wind power, with at least 30 more countries wanting to get on the electric bandwagon.

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Most of us are familiar with how mobile phone plans work. You get a subsidised handset and sign a contract to pay a monthly fee for a certain number of minutes of talk time and other services. Now apply that model to electric cars, except that instead of a handset you get a subsidised car and instead of minutes you buy kilometres of driving distance. This bold venture is taking place in Israel right now and it has big backers including two global auto makers, a software entrepreneur, an Israeli billionaire and the Israeli Government.

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