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Thursday, 21 May 2009 06:01

New European astronauts unveiled

The European Space Agency (ESA) has announced the latest recruits to the European Astronaut Corps. Just six of the 8413 applicants were selected.

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Saturday, 16 May 2009 23:08

Eat good fat for a better memory

According to a University of California study, humans may have better memories when eating healthy fat before doing pursuits that involve memory. However, greasy hamburgers and cheese pizzas aren’t going to help, only healthy foods made with olive and soybean oils, and other unsaturated fats.

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Due to the warming of the global climate the snow and ice in and around The Matterhorn has been melting, which is spurring Italian and Swiss officials to re-draw the border between their two countries. This peaceful negotiation will result in a new border for the two countries, but elsewhere in the world other border changes caused by global warming could possibly be not so peaceful.

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