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An unlikely coalition of gun owners, an anti-Bush political organisation and the largest technology companies in the US has warned that the future of the internet is at risk because of the uncurbed powers of telecommunications carriers. The want a law passed that ensures what they call Net Neutrality, which would prevent carriers from favouring content providers of their choice over others. However, to date they have been unsuccessful.

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Tuesday, 25 April 2006 17:48

Browse the internet at work and keep your job

olderworkerAs long as you do a good job at work, you can read a newspaper, watch TV, take personal phone calls and browse the internet. That was the ruling of a judge in New York yesterday.

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Teen magazine Girlfriend has conducted a survey to definitively expose the prevalence of cyber bullying and the impact that is having on young girls, as part of a 12-month campaign to ban bullying. According to the magazine the results are more alarming than anticipated. Almost half (42%) of the 13,300 teens surveyed have been cyber bullied by a student at their school.

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