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Intel's $1bn vision: one billion new PC users
As the old adage goes, the only way to make money is to spend money and, like Microsoft, Intel intends to prove the saying true by spending $1 billion from its war chest in emerging markets.
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Tuesday, 02 May 2006 06:22

Internet both a curse and a boon for kids

The internet can be a health hazard to our children but can also benefit their grades if we are to believe the results of a study published today in a professional journal of the American Psychological Association, Developmental Psychology.

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An unlikely coalition of gun owners, an anti-Bush political organisation and the largest technology companies in the US has warned that the future of the internet is at risk because of the uncurbed powers of telecommunications carriers. The want a law passed that ensures what they call Net Neutrality, which would prevent carriers from favouring content providers of their choice over others. However, to date they have been unsuccessful.

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