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Google has announced that it now offers Google Earth virtual travellers multimedia content related to locations that they view on the web using the service. Content providers such as Discovery Network, Turn Here, National Park Service and the Jane Goodall Institute will overlay their videos and text information about locations at the click of an icon.

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Thursday, 14 September 2006 06:08

Apple iTV a stab in the heart for Microsoft

For nearly two years, since the launch of Windows Media Center XP 2005, Microsoft has tried unsuccessfully to convince consumers that they should stick their PCs in the living room. The unveiling of Apple's coming iTV product yesterday was the final stab in the heart to Bill Gates' vision of doing for consumers what he did for businesses.

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Wednesday, 13 September 2006 21:29

iTunes movies 2 hour downloads for DSL users

According to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, consumers with a 5 Mbps broadband connection will be able to download iTunes movies in 30 minutes and start watching after 1 minute. Unfortunately for most US (and Australian) internet users, 5 Mbps is a pipe dream. A quick check of the Verizon site will reveal that somewhere between 768 kbps and 3 Mbps is what's on offer, depending on what you want to pay.

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