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Capgemini is to boost the number of its business information management consultants by 3000. This will be a 75% increase.

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Australian organisations are choking on information, and need to step back and reconsider their processes and procedures, according to the company that sponsored a new piece of research.

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Monday, 02 March 2009 20:34

Downturn risks demand data governance: Ovum

Economic downturns like the one we’re currently experiencing disrupt the operation of organisations, leading to the wastage of information assets in the downsizing process. And, organisations need to protect their most valuable assets when times are hard, so they are better prepared for the upturn. At least, that’s one of the key conclusions of a research report - Data Governance in a Downturn - released today by Ovum, where they examined the risks and opportunities and practical steps an enterprise should take to address them.
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