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Thursday, 21 March 2013 16:04

"Huge News" - Google offers DNSSEC validation

Google's announcement that its public DNS service now performs DNSSEC validation has been hailed as "a huge step forward for Internet security" by the Internet Society.

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InternetNZ has announced that Wellington-based 'Internet Luminary' Keith Davidson has been elected to the 12 member board of the Internet Society (ISOC), having been co-chair of ISOC's Advisory Council for the past two years.

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In April this year Ray Tomlinson was named one of the inaugural 'Pioneer' members of the Internet Society's new 'Hall of Fame' for "developing Arpanet's first application for network email," but credit for inventing email, in 1978 is being claimed by VA Shiva Ayyadurai who was just 14 at the time. And he is being backed up by no lesser luminary than renowned academic Noam Chomsky.



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