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Driving a V8 gas guzzler in these days of skyrocketing fuel prices and fossil fuel induced climate change is no longer considered cool. So why should it be cool to own a supercharged power hungry desktop or laptop computer? Is Moore's Law dead? Not according to Intel.

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In what must surely be the most bone-headed decision in the history of the green energy movement, the Rudd Labor Government has decided to squash the nascent local solar panel industry. The same government that paid lip service to environmental concerns by signing the Kyoto Protocol has decided to make installation of home solar panels a class issue.

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Wednesday, 04 June 2008 07:21

Green gamers? I don't think so

What uses more power, a Sony PS3 or your average-sized refrigerator?  According to Choice magazine gaming systems and associated home entertainment equipment is chewing through more juice than ever.

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