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The Australian Federal Government’s cost-cutting ‘razor gang’, led by Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner, wants to slash Government ICT costs. UK expert Sir Peter Gershon has been brought in to do the job, and even he’s pitching in, asking that his remuneration be paid instead to charity.

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Ubisoft, publisher of Assassin’s Creed and Tom Clancey’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 amongst others are positive about the up coming year, upping their expected income forecast.

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Microtransactions are the way of the future, a way for everybody (consumer and company) to win.  But for some they are an insidious blight on life in the digital age, a way for big business to make even more profit on content that traditionally was delivered as part of the original package.  Electronic Arts(EA) have responded to queries about  purchasing extra weapons for the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company

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