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Forrester Research has put out a US $279 report that few will buy, as it has been dissected across the web and its “important” predictions are now well known. Will Apple actually do any of the things Forrester has specula- er, predicted?

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With an apparent desire for “one digital media box to rule them all”, Internet video has finally come of age, according to Cisco, showing Internet video is highly popular in Australia and NZ. What are we watching?

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Monday, 19 May 2008 10:31

Australian Foxtel HD pricing leaked

While it’s not official, the long awaited high definition content pricing for Australian pay television operator, Foxtel, has been leaked – and should launch soon. Australia is far behind the US when it comes to the provision of pay TV high definition television content, although some HD programming has been available on free-to-air TV for some time.

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