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There are many good reasons for companies to virtualise environments, but make sure you do your homework, planning and don’t believe everything consultants tell you.  A virtualisation case study of how to avoid cost blowouts follows.

Monday, 21 July 2008 16:47

Is open source software bad for business?

One security outfit which conducted a study into the use of open source software in the enterprise, the results of which are published today, seems to think so.  It states that "Open Source Software (OSS) development communities have yet to adopt a secure development process and often leave dangerous vulnerabilities unaddressed."

Published in Open Source
Citrix, the newest player to enter the hypervisor space when it acquired XenSource in October 2007, has unveiled “Project Kensho”, designed to make virtual machines portable across the major hypervisor platforms, including XenServer from Citrix, VMware's ESX and Microsoft's recently released Hyper-V.



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