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ISACA, the acronym formerly known as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association, has been busy surveying IT professionals from nearly 100 countries to reveal the top 7 business issues that are impacted by technology, and will continue to be for the next 12 months. It would be mean of us not to share...

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Sunday, 03 August 2008 19:38

IBM invests $360 million in cloud computing

Last week iTWire reported how HP, Intel and Yahoo! are joining forces to spearhead a global and open source test bed for the advancement of cloud computing. Now IBM has thrown a few hundred million into the technology as well...

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Friday, 01 August 2008 04:05

IBM Lotus: we're beating Microsoft

IBM's Lotus business claims to be winning millions of seats away from Microsoft's Exchange, including some key wins in emerging markets. Lotus outgrew Microsoft in 2Q08, company officials claimed.

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