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With lithium ion battery technologies being advanced, designed and manufactured in Asia, a new US “alliance” of “leading US battery and advanced materials companies” and “one of the country’s largest national laboratories” is being formed to ensure advanced batteries are designed and manufactured in the US, so US companies aren’t dependent on foreigners.

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Scientists at Monash University in Australia, together with Princeton University and the CSIRO, have discovered a new way to produce Hydrogen from water using artificial photosynthesis. The process, which uses chemicals found in plants, works even under low light conditions and with ordinary sea water, according to the lead researcher.

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The chief professor of energy at MIT and a fellow researcher have discovered a cheap way to mimic the way plants store energy from the sun and say that it will enable homes and electric cars to be run entirely on solar power and fuel cells. The energy nirvana has been found and could signal the era of centralised power distribution they say.

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