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Friday, 20 October 2006 19:19

Asus readies red, green gamer-oriented laptops?

Asus is preparing to ship its Lamborghini VX1 laptop in the US in a limited "Golden Edition" even as it gears up to release a pair of gamer-oriented laptops, if a series of allegedly leaked publicity shots are to be believed.

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Wednesday, 18 October 2006 16:27

PS3 negative price hype is just that

As I tucked my AUD$188 PS2 under my arm and walked out of the store last weekend, I casually enquired to the friendly salesman if he was taking pre-orders of PS3 for when they finally arrive in Australia. "Yes, they'll be here in March and the price is $999," he replied.

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Tuesday, 17 October 2006 06:00

Gamer! Off that couch.

Over the past couple of years, the stereotype of your average gamer has been under attack.  No longer is it safe to assume that the pasty, overweight, teenage male, you see picking up a pizza for one and 2 litre coke, is just getting supplies for his tilt at a marathon gaming session, exercising only his thumbs in front of a flickering screen, surrounded by the detritus of ignored housekeeping.
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