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A recent showing of PlayStation 3 at 2007 Sony Expo in Honolulu over the weekend confirmed what many in gaming world expected - Sony won't be able to make the PS3 fast enough to meet initial demand from gamers. However, with the impending release of Nintendo Wii, it has become evident that a fork has developed in the philosophy of home entertainment and games consoles.

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Saturday, 04 November 2006 05:53

Toys R Us a fitting place for Wii launch

The much publicised US launch of the Nintendo Wii games console at the iconic Times Square Toys R Us store in Manhattan is appropriate. Having been to the store on a couple of occasions, it's full of fluffy toys, action figures and plastic paraphernalia. As a high end toy, the Wii will fit in perfectly with the demographic that visits the store.

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Nokia is taking on Microsoft in many of its key markets, and is apparently also adopting the Microsoft approach that, if a product is sub-standard the first time, it will succeed on the third reworking.

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