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Wednesday, 18 August 2010 13:56

NBN vs NBN: which one is for you?

COMMENT If technology has become the focus in this federal election campaign, it is purely by default - because the only policy on which the two major parties really differ is the approach taken to providing a faster broadband service.

Published in Government Tech Policy

Just days after the Coalition injected fiscal sanity into the NBN debate, Senator Stephen Conroy and PM Julia Gillard have 'launched' the NBN in Tasmania and have said that the NBN Co's Mike Quigley only yesterday notified Senator Conroy that the NBN would have its speeds boosted to 1Gbps, 10 times faster than the previously promised 100Mbps speeds, in what is the most desperate pre-election spin yet.

Published in Fuzzy Logic

The Coalition NBN policy's total focus on the 'how' of broadband rather than the 'why' has left its leader in the unenviable position of trying to justify the choice of technologies that he does not understand and has marginalised the NBN as an election issue.

Published in Cornered!



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