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The Coalition has once again repeated its now jaded argument against the NBN: there is no hard evidence to support the idea that we need the 100Mbps that the FTTH network will deliver. Maybe not, but there are portents aplenty. Coalition pundits just need to be a bit more visionary.

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The Coalition has dismissed a House committee report on the NBN as "a highly political exercise, designed to generate a feel-good report offering support for the rollout of the NBN," that fails to demonstrate demand for NBN bandwidths.

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Monday, 25 October 2010 12:14

NBN: insurance for the next election

COMMENT There are a great many things which are mysterious about Labor's National Broadband Network plan but one thing is sure: it proved to be the one thing which dragged the party into government this year and will probably do as much for them in 2013.

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