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Better weather forecasting computer programs are needed to improve on the specifics of each violent storm system occurring in the eastern coast region of Australia, especially as the world's climate increases in temperature.

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It must be so easy being a climate change believer.  After all, based on the antics of the IPCC, you never have to do any real science; never actually have to travel to far-off places to collect data.  All you need do is wait for unverified data to roll in from “scientific publications”, and then scour through it seeking whatever snippets can be twisted to your purpose, without ever checking its veracity.

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The science publications organization Scientific American has listed what it considers the top 10 science stories for 2009. They range from the collision of protons and a flu epidemic, to a world conference on climate. The SciAm slideshow highlights these major science stories in the year 2009.

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