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The new iPhone 3G S is due on the 26th of June, but we’re already wanting more, so here’s our list of feature demands for the future 2010 iPhone 4.0!

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We’re yet to see whether iPhone OS 3.0 launches for download in a few hours time, along with a new iPhone itself, or if both will be delayed, but the iPhone Dev Team has warned against rogue downloads promising yellowsnow updates, fake 3.0 unlocks and even upgrading to iTunes 8.2 itself.

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Thursday, 04 June 2009 18:33

Palm Pre previews pretty well

Palm’s highly anticipated Pre, touted as yet another potential iPhone killer, launches in a couple of days in the busiest phone launch month of the year, set to compete with a new iPhone, the Nokia N97, Google’s HTC Magic and more – so is it any good?

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