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According to a study performed in Virginia, U.S. researchers found coliform bacteria (fecal material) in just under 50% of the soda fountain machines inspected in restaurants and fast food places. Maybe the term “soda pop”  should be changed to “soda poop” when coming out of soda fountain machines? Ugh!!

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Although many factors contribute to weight gain, U.S. microbiologist Jeffrey Gordon has been collecting evidence to show that the type of foods eaten changes the composition of bacteria in the gut. Whether you have a low-fat or high-fat diet is very influential on your body’s ability to gain weight, and to lose it, too.

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Friday, 06 November 2009 21:45

Got bacteria? Yes, and you are unique!

To find out how people differ with respect to bacteria and the onset of human diseases, researchers from Colorado and Missouri checked out 27 different locations on healthy adults. What they found out may surprise you!

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