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You'll sometimes hear Apple's industrial designs described as works of art. Sometimes that's exactly what they are turned into.

Published in Core Dump
Friday, 30 October 2009 08:22

Lose/Lose: Art, malware, or both?

Where is the boundary between art and malware? A Mac OS X game puts real files on the firing line.

Published in Core Dump
Sunday, 01 February 2009 21:13

Frizions: Painting a polarizing image of ice

NASA astrophysicist Peter Wasilewski studies the magnetic properties of meteorites and Moon and Earth rocks. However, after work he switches from rocks to ice, where he becomes a Frizion artist. A Frizion is an image of ice that is taken with polarizing light. Wasilewski calls it "Painting with light on a canvas of ice."

Published in Space
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