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Apple was widely criticised for omitting a USB port and SD slot on the iPad. But the $39 Camera Connection Kit adds those inputs for the specific purpose of transferring photos from a camera to your iPad. However, we found that the Camera Connection Kit can do a bit more than that.

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Wednesday, 02 June 2010 23:16

An insight into Steve Jobs and Apple

In an expansive discussion at the D8 forum, Steve Jobs today discussed his "curated" App Store, open standards and the email he receives from fans. Although he doesn't give too much away about any of Apple's plans he does provide a fascinating insight into the what he sees Apple's culture to be and how Apple isn't about competing in markets today as much as defining them tomorrow.

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Once the gloss fades from your shiny new iPad some of its limitations become very clear. The lack of access to a file system limits the iPad's usefulness in the office and at home. However, the gap is filled with GoodReader - a $1.99 buys you a clutch of useful conduits to network drives, online storage systems and other storage locations.

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