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I know my mobile phone usage is far from typical. If the supermarket is out of our usual brand of butter, I don't ring home and discuss it, I just pick from what's there. But it is reassuring to learn that I am in at least one respect part of the majority according to a new survey.

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Microsoft is expecting that 40 percent of smartphones sold in 2012 will be based on its Windows Mobile operating system. No doubt it won't be resting on its laurels if it gets there, but open source-based platforms, particularly LiMo, are making rapid headway.

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Sunday, 11 May 2008 17:54

Nokia CEO flags shift into services

Less than 20 years ago the world's dominant cellphone manufacturer was making, amongst a host of other things, car tyres. Now it's shifting focus again, into services, and gearing up to take on Microsoft and Google.

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