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Tuesday, 21 October 2008 18:22

Euro carriers put kibosh on Kindle for Christmas

Europeans wanting a mobile device for reading texts this Christmas might have to stick to a good old fashioned paperback. Certainly, the chances of Santa stuffing an Amazon Kindle in their stocking are slim to say the least.

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Sunday, 05 October 2008 17:01

Sony and Amazon re-Kindle interest in e-readers

Sony has announced a new low priced e-reader, while rumours are circulating about the impending release of a new version of Amazon's ground breaking Kindle reader. Can we remain skeptical about the electronic reading revolution with the proliferation of these e-readers at a similar price point to iPods?

Published in Entertainment
Saturday, 04 October 2008 16:45

Amazon gets patent for giving reviewers a badge

File this one under: they have patented what now? The official title of US Patent 7,428,496 is 'Creating an incentive to author useful item reviews' but the reality is that is concerns giving busy reviewers on the Amazon website a silly virtual badge of honour...

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