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AMD’s new “GAME!” badge is an attempt to outdo Intel’s famous “Intel Inside” sticker of the 90s, but this time appealing directly to gamers who want a top-notch system without needing to know how to build one themselves. Will consumers follow AMD’s GAME!plan?

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A kerfuffle has emerged over whether Acer’s Gemstone Blue ‘true HD 1920x1080p’ notebook can only output at 1080i – or the claim of true HD 1080p. Despite an email from Acer quoted in another publication suggesting the Gemstone Blue’s screen is only 1080i, the truth is out there, and we have it. Read on.

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Watch out Toshiba – Acer is stepping on Qosmio’s turf with the new Gemstone Blue series of ‘entertainment notebooks’, featuring ‘world’s first full HD 1920x1080p’ resolution for notebooks, and world’s first 6 integrated speakers with bass booster. Entertain away!

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