Tony Austin

Tony Austin

Worked at IBM from 1970, for a quarter century, then founded Asia/Pacific Computer Services to provide IT consulting and software development services (closed company at end of 2013). These says am still involved with IT as an observer and commentator, as well as attempting to understand cosmology, quantum mechanics and whatever else will keep my mind active and fend off deterioration of my grey matter.

My mind must be playing tricks on me. That file seemed to download faster than I expected. Did it really?

Computer hardware continues to get smaller, faster and cheaper. opening up new usage scenarios as it does so. Near year's end 2010 Hitachi unveiled their  second generation of 7mm thick single-platter 2.5-inch hard drive range, while for comparison Intel announced their SSD 310 series of solid-state drives that are only 5mm thick.

Poor old Microsoft, damned of they do and damned if they don't. With US or EU competition regulators ever ready to pounce on them if they add a new feature that somebody claims is anti-competitive. The Sticky Notes feature in Windows 7 offers only minimal functionality, and there's a far better freeware alternative.




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