Tony Austin

Tony Austin

Worked at IBM from 1970, for a quarter century, then founded Asia/Pacific Computer Services to provide IT consulting and software development services (closed company at end of 2013). These says am still involved with IT as an observer and commentator, as well as attempting to understand cosmology, quantum mechanics and whatever else will keep my mind active and fend off deterioration of my grey matter.

Saturday, 08 September 2007 15:23

IBM's atomic art on display

IBM scientists in 1990 famously wrote the letters of the company name by very carefully arranging single atoms. Now an online gallery of such atomic images has been opened for our wonder and delight.

Monday, 03 September 2007 09:52

SkypeOut voice quality - Part 1

Skype PC-to-PC voice clarity has generally been regarded as pretty good, often crystal clear. But it isn't always, and Version 3.2 saw important improvements. However, the voice quality of SkypeOut calls remains contentious, and seems especially dependent on where you're calling from as well as where you're calling to. This first article on Skype's voice quality examines several general considerations, with subsequent articles delving a bit deeper into particular aspects of them.

Tuesday, 30 November 1999 11:00

Tony Austin




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