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CSIRO's WiFi patents expire

The bad news keeps coming for Austraia's peak science body CSIRO - its WiFi patents, and therefore its rivers of gold, have expired.

CloudCentral expands beyond Canberra

Australian cloud supplier CloudCentral has made two major announcements around uts expansion beyond Canberra to become a national supplier.

Razer e-panda hooligan cans

Razer has released e-panda – a.k.a. Eric Hernandez - fan boy edition headphones which ‘will withstand the constant abuse of everyday fun' – and presumably reproduce e-panda’s music as well.

Fujitsu Cloud Integration Platform links cloud and on-premises services

The Fujitsu Cloud Integration Platform has been designed to allow CIOs to offer external cloud services alongside internal services with consistent tools and user experience.

Braven the wild – BRV-1 review

Braven like name, braven by nature, the new BRV-1 water resistant speaker may be what this rugged land needs.

Cloud to become ‘majority of new IT spend’

The use of cloud computing is growing, and by 2016 will increase to become the bulk of new IT spend.

Ryan Hogan, CEO of Australian Fitness Network

It's no big secret that the cloud is changing the way Australians work and do business, but how big is the change? And how easy is that transition?

NEC looks to the cloud to boost unified comms

NEC Australia is on the transformation path. It has adopted Cisco’s technology to offer Unified Communications in the cloud.

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