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ICT recruiters embrace workplace health & safety regime

Many ICT recruiters have been quick to commit to the workplace health and safety program established by the Information Technology Contract and Recruitment Association (ITCRA), with more than 25% of association member companies now engaged with iSafe.

David Dickson, Honeywell

In Australia and around the world, businesses across industries are faced with a myriad of challenges to growth, sustainability and profitability. This includes the oil and gas sector, which is confronted with daily pressures to improve reliability, productivity, production and safety. Oil & Gas producers must also compete in an increasingly rigorous environment marked by intensifying regulation, declining supplies and recovery, and an ageing workforce, among other issues.

HCL's Balaji Ram

Indian software giant HCL has teamed up with US IT services company CSC to develop banking systems for the cloud. The partnership is intended to allow the two companies to build more responsive and customer oriented systems.

Garry Mahoney, Pacific Director Honeywell Process Solutions

It is well known in the IT industry that effectively harnessing big data in traditional enterprises can lead to significant business gains. In fact, data visualisation and business intelligence is helping a wide range of industries to make smarter, faster and more effective decisions – in sectors as diverse as healthcare and telecommunications, to retail and education.

China Internet use skyrockets

China's star is rising and new growth statistics are showing the Asia power's online population rose by more than 53 million in 2013.

Mercer leaves Optus for Melbourne IT

Less than a year after joining Optus from vividwireless, Martin Mercer has been lured into the CEO role at Melbourne IT.

LG G Flex arriving down under

LG has announced Australian availability of its first ever curved smartphone - the G Flex.

Telstra and Optus sign reseller agreement with NBN – but not iiNet

Telstra and Optus and 25 other retailers have signed NBN Co’s Wholesale Broadband Agreement (WBA). But many others have not, citing concerns over the terms.

Samsung's Galaxy S5 set for March launch

Samsung's next world-beating handset, the Galaxy S5, is set to be unveiled in March according to rumours coming out of Korea.

Australia has highest wireless broadband penetration – OECD

High usage of smartphones has Australia in first place globally for wireless broadband.

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