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Klipsch – 70 years of 'pissing off the neighbours'


Klipsch is an iconic American brand that has re-emerged in Australia. Klipsch audio products are characterised by its founder's noted brilliance and irreverence – hence the headline – more known as the Klipsch sonic signature of high output with wide dynamics.

Klipsch founderFounder Paul W. Klipsch was one of America’s most celebrated audio pioneers and inventor of the revolutionary Klipschorn that powers many movie theatres, stadiums, halls, pubs, and clubs. It is the only speaker that has been in continuous production — relatively unchanged — for more than 70 years.

He passed away in 2002 aged 98. His legacy was recognised by posthumous induction into the Consumer Electronics Association Hall of Fame. He was most chuffed by induction into the Engineering and Science Hall of fame — an honour shared by Thomas Edison, George Washington Carver, and the Wright brothers — recognising those who have improved the quality of the human condition through an individual contribution using engineering and scientific principles.

2016-17 sees some new and equally iconic products – its 70th Anniversary speakers, new outdoor speakers, on-ear and over ear headphones and Klipsch Stream – a high-performance wireless ecosystem. Oh, and more irreverent claims!

70 th Anniversary – probably too late as only 70 pairs of each have been made

Klipsch 70 cornwall IIIKlipsch will meticulously handcraft 70 pairs of each model at its manufacturing facility in Hope, AR. Each 70th Anniversary Heritage speaker will feature an exotic Australian Walnut wood veneer, a unique silver luster grille cloth, special edition logos, and a signature 70th Anniversary plaque identifying its numbered sequence in the series.

The Cornwall III is a three-way speaker using horn-loaded compression drivers for mid-range and tweeter and a direct radiating 15” woofer. The speakers will handle 100W continuous and weigh 44.5kg.

Klipsch La ScalaThe La Scala launched in 1963 when Paul W. Klipsch made it for Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Winthrop Rockefeller to use as a public-address speaker. Because some considered it a “portable” and more affordable version of the revolutionary Klipschorn, the La Scala found success beyond the campaign. Despite its raw, unfinished appearance, the fully horn-loaded, three-way La Scala sounded so good that people still wanted to put it in their living rooms.

The La Scala brings the subtlest musical details to life, always delivering the legendary Klipsch sound with clarity and ease. On a single watt, it generates 105 decibels of sound pressure, which means that the La Scala will delight the listener even while using the most modest amplifier power.

Pro Series Landscape Speakers

Klipsch pro landscapeIts professional series landscape speakers are now in Australia and offer the unique ability to select between low impedance and 70v/100v installations, while custom, wide dispersion Tractrix horn-loaded tweeters offer dynamic, powerful sound in a landscape format. Two burial subwoofers will also be introduced, providing clean, musical low frequencies with a minimal footprint.





Klipsch Pro underIncluded in the range are two satellite speakers, the Klipsch PRO-650T-LS with a 6.5” IMG woofer and a Tractrix horn-loaded 1” Aluminium Dome Tweeter and the Klipsch PRO-500T-LS with a 5” IMG woofer and a Tractrix horn-loaded 1” Aluminium Dome Tweeter. Also included in the range are two in-ground subwoofers, the Klipsch PRO-12SW-LS with a long-throw 12” IMG woofer and the Klipsch PRO-10SW-LS with a long-throw 10” IMG woofer.



High-Performance Wireless Ecosystem

The new Klipsch Stream Wireless Multi-Room Audio series is an ecosystem of sound bars, wireless speakers, legacy audio converters and USB DAC amplifiers that will feature DTS Play-Fi whole-home technology, enabling consumers to wirelessly stream virtually any source into any room of their home.

The Klipsch Stream system is easily controlled by the Klipsch Stream app, which will be available for download on iOS and Android platforms. The new Klipsch Stream Wireless series will include:

Klipsch RW1The Klipsch RW-1 wireless speaker is just 9 inches (228.6mm) high and 5 inches (127mm) wide. It contains Klipsch’s 3/4” horn-loaded aluminum tweeter with 90° x 60° Tractrix horn and a 3.5” Cerametallic woofer supplies clear vocals and dynamic bass. The RW-1 wireless speaker is embedded with a 30-watt powered digital amplifier.





Klipsch ThreeKlipsch ‘Three’ which is a part of the new range heritage wireless series is a stereo tabletop system featuring two 2 x 1/4” full range drivers and a 5.25” long-throw woofer, bi-amplified for audio resolution and professionally tuned by Klipsch acousticians to deliver a premium audio experience. In addition to the active 5.25” long-throw woofer, The Three also features dual opposed 5.25” passive radiators to deliver enhanced bass reflex. The Three includes audio input connections for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Analog, 3.5mm miniplug, Phono Pre-Amp, and USB Type B audio. Connectivity options are plentiful; connect your turntable, computer, CD player, smartphone, or tablet and enjoy the superior stereo sound from a beautifully crafted tabletop stereo system.

Klipsch rSB 8Klipsch Reference RSB-8 sound bar and wireless subwoofer seamlessly transform your lifeless room into a live concert venue. As part of the Klipsch Stream multi-room wireless solution, this sound bar can easily be controlled from your phone and syncs with any other Klipsch stream products for a whole-home audio eco-system. The RSB-8 sound bar features a built-in Dolby Digital Decoder which automatically reproduces detailed, high-output sound and a wireless subwoofer which can be placed anywhere in your room.

Klipsch RSB 14The Klipsch Stream RSB-14 is the top-of-the-line soundbar and wireless subwoofer system. As part of the Klipsch Stream wireless multi-room system, the RSB-14 sound bar and wireless subwoofer pair with any Klipsch Stream product throughout your home to give you incredible, wireless sound in every room.

Klipsch powergateKlipsch Gate seamlessly connects your legacy audio products to the all-new Klipsch Stream Wireless Multi-Room Audio System. Simply connect the Klipsch Gate to any audio source (CD player, turntable, etc.) to play back its content throughout your home, or plug the Klipsch Gate into a powered audio system (receiver, sound bar, stereo, etc.) to stream music directly to your speakers.

Klipsch Stream Powergate (shown above) has 2 x 100-watt class D amplifier, which enables any speaker to be connected to the Klipsch Stream network.

Two reference Bluetooth and two wired headsets

Klipsch headphones“Klipsch worked tirelessly to deliver high performance without the wires which required the use of aptX and AAC technology. With the shift to wireless and the increase of streaming music subscribers, AAC technology delivers the highest quality sound with the least compression,” said Vlad Grodzinskiy, senior manager of headphone product development for Klipsch.

The Reference On-Ear Bluetooth and Over-Ear Bluetooth headphone models boast up to 20 hours of high-definition wireless streaming without the hassle of wires.

Reference Over-Ear headphones use patented Klipsch Balanced Dynamic (KBD) driver technology, which puts you closer to the music by equalizing the weight of the driver’s diaphragm. KBD driver technology significantly improves the sound, reducing the driver's inter-modulate distortion (IMD) by removing lead wires from the diaphragm. The difference is noticeable as bass becomes fluid and connected to the midrange and high frequencies without becoming bloated or disconnected.

Klipchs over earThe headphone’s soft and deep ear cushions are contoured to the shape of the ear, adding valuable comfort and separating music from outside noise. The ear cups provide articulation in every direction, ensuring that pressure is applied evenly to the entire ear, allowing for hours of wear. Both models come with a built-in universal microphone and include a simple pass-through cable when the use of Bluetooth wireless technology is not an option.

Klipsch’s Reference Over-Ear headphones combine comfort and sound quality while adding a hard-shell travel case and the ability to remove the included cable and ear cushions.

The Reference headphones are available in a black or white finish and come complete with a hard-shell travel case and a one-year warranty.

Klipsch crap audio



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