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VIDEO INTERVIEW: CA Tech's Chris Kline explains AIOps and why it's relevant


AIOps. It's not the latest buzzword, but the use of "advanced algorithms and AI techniques for analysing big data from various IT and business operations tools, to speed service delivery, increase IT efficiency and deliver a superior user experience".

CA Technologies doesn't do things by halves, but actively creates the future by developing the technologies businesses and organisations need to take their operations to the next level of reality, with all the scaling, apps, infrastructure and more needed for today – and tomorrow.

With AIOps one of those new realities, I spoke to Chris Kline of CA Technologies, the vice-president of DevOps strategy, and found out what he had to say about it; you can see that video interview embedded below in full.

But first, I've had the chance to see CA Technologies at work over the past couple of years, and for a company that is over 40 years old, having first started in 1976 two years after I was born, it has been able to impressively re-invent itself and not only stay relevant, but operate at the cutting edge of business and technology.

Need to see some of this in action for yourself?

Then take a look at my wrap of CA Tech's API Application Economy APJ Summit 2016 (with 14 videos and the summit in full), my trio of CA World 2016 articles (part 1part 2 (with 7 videos) and part 3), then my award-winning trio of CA World 2017 articles (part 1part 2 (with 14 videos) and part 3), and then its Built to Change summit (with 14 videos) earlier this year.

The company is even the subject of a US$18.9 billion buyout by Broadcom, which is no small change.

So, with AIOps a reality, what does Chris Kline have to say about it, and how does he explain its benefits?

I introduced Kline, and asked him to give a quick overview of his role at CA. We discussed what brought him on a visit to Australia from the US, and delved into what AIOps is, in the midst of DevOps, DevSecOps and more.

We covered what Australian businesses should be thinking about IT monitoring, analytics and AI in IT Ops, the opportunities it creates, markets and sectors leading the way in integrating AI into IT Ops, useful advice for business and an example of a customer successfully using AIOps today.

We then discussed the future, great advice Kline had received in life, and his final message for iTWire viewers and readers, and for CA Technologies' current and future customers and partners.

So, what is AIOps again? 

Well, at its site, CA Technologies says that "AIOps is the use of advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques for analysing big data from various IT and business operations tools, to speed service delivery, increase IT efficiency and deliver a superior user experience.

"AIOps enables a move away from siloed operations management and provides intelligent insights that drives automation and collaboration for continuous improvement.

"Since AIOps leverages big data, data analytics and machine learning to provide insight and enable a higher level of automation, no longer does IT Ops need to depend extensively on human operators for the management tasks that modern infrastructure and software require.

"AIOps solutions ingest data from a variety of resources and then store and provide access to that data enabling advanced analytics at the point of ingestion and the point following the access of stored data.

"For this reason, AIOps holds tremendous value. Going forward, AIOps will play a key role in enabling new efficiencies for IT Ops teams. It will also make practical the adoption of complex next-generation technologies that cannot be managed successfully using traditional solutions."

Key drivers for AIOps

"In today’s economy where every business is in the software business", CA Technologies notes that "downtime is costly, and slow is the new down. Proactively managing and improving experience of modern applications, cloud or traditional infrastructures and networks is a necessity but it’s not easy.

"Digital businesses and technologies are increasing the volume, velocity and variety of data. Manually correlating and analysing data or alerts is becoming increasingly difficult for IT operations teams with existing siloed tools spread across mobile, the cloud and the mainframe.

"It is now imperative that you have comprehensive visibility coupled with AI and machine learning. That means normalising, correlating and analysing massive volumes of IT operational data across your entire digital delivery chain to speed service delivery, increase IT efficiency and deliver a superior user experience.

"Successful digital transformation requires AIOps. It enables IT teams to automatically analyse large volumes of digital data—making it easier to solve hard problems. It is operational intelligence across user, app, API, infra and network services. It’s cross-tier correlated insights, machine learning and predictive analytics."

The company also has a Virtual Summit on AIOps that you can freely register for, and watch on demand here.

In this virtual summit, the company says "you’ll get the real-world expertise and hands-on guidance available only from the industry’s brightest minds in AI, machine learning and analytics".

CA Technologies also has two free white papers (after free registation), the first of which is entitled "The Definitive Guide to AIOps" and the second being "AIOps Essentials of Root Cause Analytics".

The company also has a video entitled "How AIOps is helping breakdown DevOps silos at KPN" which is embedded below:


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